What are project support services?


As a project management networking firm, we have come to realize that project support services can mean different things to different people. Sometimes you will require administrative staff to get a project done, while other times you will need the best business analyst in the industry to lead the way. That’s where we come in.

At PRONET101, we focus on supporting human resources management to find the right project support services they need. Finding and hiring project planners, administrators, PMP professionals and consultants and even consulting firms can be daunting. You not only want to ensure it’s a good fit for your company, but you also want to ensure the qualifications of your team as there could be dire, long-term consequences.

When looking for project support services, here are a few things that our human resources management experts consider:

  • Timeframe: Do you need project support for a short-term project or are you looking to hire one someone on a permanent basis?
  • Relevant qualifications and experience: As a project and business support networking firm, we can tell you that there are many different qualifications and accreditations out there. Partnering with a company like us will give you an advantage because we can guide you towards the people who have the relevant, worthwhile qualifications.
  • References: Usually human resources management needs to rely on character references from a candidate’s past employers. Our network is reputation driven, ensuring that the candidates we put forward have all been vetted by senior business partners in the industry.

Hiring project support services doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. Contact our management consultant networking firm to find out how our experts can simplify and streamline the process for you.